Cheap Diapers at Target this Week

Cheap diapers are a quick way to help the budget out when you have little ones!

Parents know how frugal budgets and good planning can add up to BIG savings especially when you have a little one. Formula, baby food, wipes and diapers are all big chunks of the monthly budget so finding ways to save are paramount to maintaining a healthy bank account.

Tonight while running though my local Target, I ran upon a frugal find

that I couldn’t wait to share! Cheap diapers!

Cheap Diapers

And, do you know about Target’s Cartwheel App? If you do, then you’re all set to pick up this deal. If not, what are waiting for? It’s free!

Target Cartwheel App

A mobile app created for shoppers to save money easily without a paper coupon, the Cartwheel App is essential to all my Target runs! Go here to find out what it is! Then head over to your App Store to download. It’s easy to use and you can use in conjunction with coupons as well! Win win!

here’s my frugal find on cheap diapers:

Luvs Diapers are on sale for $5.99 (typically $6.99 – $9.99) in-store now through January 14, 2017. I quickly scanned a pack using my Cartwheel App and yowza! That sweet little “ding” that it makes when a deal is found was music to my ears! And it was a good one! $2 off Luvs any size diapers (expires 1/28/17) in a single use coupon (this means it’s only good one time per Cartwheel account). I hit the ADD button that put the coupon in my cart. This made the $5.99 diapers only $3.99! Cool beans, right?

Cheap Diapers

At the bottom of the app there is a little button that says CHECKOUT. Simply click it when you are ready to check out and your unique scan bar will pop up. This is what you present to the cashier at the end just before you pay. Once they scan it, any offers you have saved to the app that match your items scanned will come off just like coupons. You can see from my receipt below that I found a Cartwheel offer on just about everything I purchased! However, the Luvs Diapers coupon was the biggest savings tonight.

Receipt for Cheap Diapers

Wouldn’t it be great if it weren’t a single use coupon? Yes it would. But guess what? You can have a Cartwheel App and your spouse can have one too! My daughter and son-in-law will both go and do this deal separately. Additionally, I did it for them and my hubby will tomorrow! (Yay for grandparents!) You can’t beat cheap diapers!

Want to save an additional 5% every time you pay at Target? Check out their RED CARD (credit or debit – I use the debit and it’s kind of like a personal reward card)!

What diaper deals have you found? Be sure and share this on your social media if you found it helpful.


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