Meet the Bloggers

Hi friends!

I’m Becky, the owner and content creator of Charlee’s Bee and I welcome you to explore these pages finding fun tips for parenting, family ideas for travel, recipes, fashion ideas and so much more.

Becky Beall, OWNER of Charlee's Bee

I am a wife, mother of three daughters and a son, and grandmother to Charlotte (Charlee) Wynter! I am a veteran journalist who also blogs, hosts a travel radio show, speaks and does travel segments on television. I’ve always been a writer and blogging is the perfect extension of that career.

One question I hear over and over is: where did the name come from? We were deciding what I should be called by my sweet Baby Charlee and I liked Bee…it was kind of a play on my initial (B) and I liked the sound of it…plus there is a super cute little bee emoji to brand my grandmotherhood! When my travel blog started expanding beyond travel, the decision was made that I’d need a lifestyle blog and Charlee’s Bee seemed fitting.

Meaghan Horton

My daughter (Charlee’s mom, Meaghan) will be a guest contributor often on the blog as she is a fabulous writer and master of the English language. The two of us will be reviewing products, offering tips and advice, traveling, cooking, checking out books and entertainment, along with hosting Twitter Parties and Giveaways! We hope you’ll come along for the ride by checking back often and sharing this blog with your friends.

If your brand, product or destination would like to work with us, please email at: and put Charlee’s Bee in the subject line.

Also, check out the travel blog: The Travel Voice by Becky.